Saturday, July 9, 2011

Elements that Are Wanted

All that's needed is a new voice, and people to hear.

Note to myself: Clifford Hilo, Five Sketches of An Autumn Afternoon

Missing Ozu:


  1. "What we need is the precision of poetry."

    Arundhati Roy

  2. I had no prepared statement [when accepting the Gold Medal in Belles Lettres and Criticism from the American Academy of Arts and Letters] but I had a brief quote from Samuel Johnson in mind: “It is always the writer’s duty to make the world better:” My mind jumped from that to the thought of making the world better by abolishing (a) war and (b) poverty. Growing up in the nineteen-twenties, I hoped to do so or to help others to do so. In 2011 that sounds rather quaint. All one can do now to make the world better is create some beauty in that world or do some good truth-telling in a world given over to violence and lies. — Eric Bentley, in an interview with Allan Havis