Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Measure of Human Perfection

Elementary things, which we ought to be able to take for granted, we no longer can take for granted.... What is needed today is something not only great, but ultimate.... I do not mean to follow a program of any kind, but to make the simple responses that always were and always will be right: Not to wait until someone in need asks for help, but to offer it; to perform every official act in a manner befitting both common sense and human dignity; to declare a truth when its hour has come, even when it will bring down opposition or ridicule; to accept responsibility when the conscience considers it a duty. — Romano Guardini, The End of the Modern World [1950], 1998, pp. 213, 217, 218–219.

Notes to myself:

Dennis D. McDonald's review of Early Summer and Good Morning.
You want to grab her by the shoulders....
Donald Richie, Viewed Sideways: Writings on Culture and Style in Contemporary Japan.

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